The senility process is one in which human appearance is gradually aged and organism functions are gradually reduced. This process is not wholly caused by the genetic factors fixed in the cells. Nor is it an inevitable trend for us human beings. Scientific researches show that senility occurs because DNA is damaged and hence hGH drops sharply after entering middle age. At the age of 21, the internal hGH level in circulation is 10 μg/100ml while at the age of 61, only 2μg/100ml, dropping by 80%. Human growth hormone (hGH) promotes the development and maturity of children’s cells, skeletons, muscles and organs. After the age of 30, youthfulness begins to die away year by year because this substance reduces and the level drops. The manifestation of old people's senility is similar to that of children and youngsters who lack human growth hormone (that is, dwarfs). The long-time point of view that senility is unavoidable is now being changed. We have come to realize that senility is a disease. Its pathogenic cause and therapy are being gradually decoded by scientists just as tuberculosis, smallpox and plague were in the past.

Can human growth hormone (hGH) make people's lifespan surpass the known limit? Scientists, including Dr. Klarts, president of the American Anti-senility Academy, thought that people’s longest life-span is never fixed. The research into telomerase and the decoding of longevity gene code will enable us to reverse the life clock, further lengthening human lifetime. By that time, more new inventions will be made, making people's longest life-span reach a new degree. Human growth hormone, while improving our life quality, can lengthen our lifetime, making senile cells young and vigorous and indivisible as young cells. Scientists hold that up to the present, human growth hormone (hGH) is the only substance which can reverse senility.

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