Hygetropin™ rhGH's reaction to the decline of sexual function is done from different levels of body tissues; from cells to organs to the whole system. At the system's level, Hygetropin™ rhGH enhances the synthesis of protein and the division of cells, enabling the organs to regenerate. At the tissue level, the combined metabolism of nitrogen makes muscle tissue grow. At the hormone level, there exists a direct feedback relationship between hypophyseal hormones (mostly human growth hormone (hGH))and sex hormones (hormones secreted by ovaries and testes). hGH can act on male and female sterility, enabling sperms and ova to be generated.

At the systems level, Hygetropin™ rhGH enhances cardiac and blood circulation function in every part of the body, thus increasing the blood volume pumped into the penis and making the penis erect forcefully and longer. At the same time, Hygetropin™ rhGH can improve the formation of cholesterol, increasing HDL and decreasing LDL. HDL has the function of clearing the blood of disease-causing substances. The increase of HDL can make blood circulate move freely and make the penis erect naturally and forcefully.

Hygetropin™ rhGH's repair action to sexual function is noticeable, increasing sexual desire both for man and woman. Besides, man can overcome erection with no strength and prospermia.


A doctor of 63, had lost sexual interest and he hadn't been intimate with his wife for 5 years. After using Hygetropin™ for 4 weeks, he regained sexual function and performed twice a week. He has begun treating his patients with similar problems using Hygetropin™ rhGH.

Another man of 80 had severe heart disease. Because he was too old, the doctors ruled out the possibility of performing a heart transplant. The doctors would only adopt a conservative treatment. They gave him Hygetropin™ rhGH in the treatment. After several months, the old man's heart disease was cured and his sexual function regained.

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