Human growth hormone (hGH) is a polypeptide chain secreted by the hypothalamus which contains 191 amino acid. Its main physiological function is to promote synthetic function with regard to human different tissues and proteins in particular and to stimulate the growth of articular cartilages and epiphysis cartilages; making bones grow linearly and bodies heightened. Lack of human growth hormone (hGH) will lead to arrest of growth, that is to say, generally-called pituitary dwarfism. A child's body height continues to increase on the premise that epiphysis does not close. With regard to pituitary dwarfism, the earlier the hyperplasia of epiphysis cartilage layer is treated and the more active its differentiation, the potential for a child's growth is greater. The younger and lighter the children are, the dosages can be smaller and expenses will ultimately be lower. Children who do not lack human growth hormone but show low physiological activity for their height can also try out GH treatment. After the treatment, some children show an obvious increase in height. A child who is obviously shorter than other children of the same gender and age should undergo a general health checkup as soon as possible in order to find the potential cause of disease and strive for the best opportunity of treatment.

Treating female patients with Turner's syndrome at an early stage is also recommended. A patient with Turner's syndrome that is not treated can expect to have an average height of about 1.4 meters.

Hygetropin™ rhGH is a gene recombination; its molecular structure is identical to that of naturally occurring human growth hormone. Generally speaking, it has no side effects because of its substitute treatment. It is recommended that Hygetropin™ rhGH should always be used under the guidance of a doctor. Make sure that small children get proper exercise, rest and eat healthy. There should be regular visits to doctors for observation.

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