Hygetropin™ rhGH can promote the absorption of amino acid by muscle cells and the synthesis of cells, DNA and RNA; making the human body increase its levels of hydrocarbon and sugar as well as keeping nitrogen when absorbing extra protein cells. All the above-mentioned actions promote the growth of muscle cells and the increase of muscle strength. At the same time, when Hygetropin™ rhGH contacts the hormone receiver of fat cells, it metabolizes those fat cells. This action is termed stearolysis, which can greatly reduce fat accumulation in human abdomens, buttocks and the inside of the upper arm. Presently, the best way of losing weight is to use Hygetropin™ rhGH.

A clinical experiment made by San-Tomas Hospital, had a test group inject themselves with hGH for 6 months. Everyone in that group reduced their fat content by 15.5 pounds. At the same time, they increased their muscle mass by 10.1 pounds. Their lumbus-buttock proportion was also remarkably reduced. The placebo group showed none of these effects.

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